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Milton Keynes Airport Transfers


a relaxed, unhurried and non stressful taxi journey is what you dream of, which you won’t receive with many others, then STOP and LOOK no further. You will be reassured you can achieve having this, when your taxi reservation takes place in our company.


Near home or far way, we provide this to you anywhere you want to travel.


Perfect calm smooth and safe airport transfer, not the stormy rough dangerous white knuckle cab rides you probably experience every day on other firms.


It is our duty of care to make sure you have the perfect taxi minicab service with us every time, all the time.


We are the leading trustworthy trader in the public transport sector for Milton Keynes.


Don’t except poor customer service, white knuckle rides and a scruffy driver, wearing hoodies jeans and caps, just come to us and direct dial for our perfect professional corporate service.


In our experience and maybe yours also, if you look to hire a cheap or poor unrated firm, the likelihood of a smelly heavy rotten odoured vehicle, with cracked windscreen broken door or seat belt is highly probable of what will arrive to collect you.


We know your hard earned money you pay to use our service, deserves proper perfect door to door cabs and respectfully polite dressed smart driver.

The only branded name taxi you need to save to your contacts list and recall, is Cybercabz. We were the first firm for our region to have evolved from advertising on the internet before anyone else that you could find on search engines.

Don’t disappoint yourself, making a local private hire booking, or airport transfers with anyone else, just appoint the best to transport you, telephone 01908 263263 or make an online booking, using this form above.



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If you are planning a foreign holiday this year and suffer from an illness or  medical condition, there is a high probability you will be taking medicine abroad with you. A recent health survey for England showed that 48% of the population are taking some sort of prescription medicine.


Taking Medication Abroad – Why it’s important

Entering into a country with prohibited medicines, has been a hot topic with the media for the last few years, thanks to several high profile cases. There is a growing concern for Brits getting into trouble abroad, as lower cost flights means more people flying further. Increasingly popular long haul routes, are Asian and Middle Eastern countries, where the laws differ wildly to what we are used to at home.

Government concerns are for tourists who unwittingly enter a country, with banned substances that maybe freely available in the UK, and as a result end up in jail.


A worker, who’s wife sent him 20 Tramadol tables whilst working in Dubai, to help with pain relief, was arrested and jailed for 24 years.

An eighteen year old boy, who smoked a cigarette containing marijuana, a day before visiting the United Arab Emirates, was jailed in the Emirate of Fujairah for four years.

Tracy Wilkinson who spent seven weeks in jail in Dubai after codeine was found in her system.

Perry Coppins was jailed in Dubai for carrying too many anti-depressants, despite having a prescription.

Laura Plummer who was detained for carrying 290 Tramadol tablets, as well as Naproxen through border control. Tramadol is one of the most abused drugs in Egypt and Mrs Plummer now faces up to 25 years in prison.  READ FULL ARTICLE  


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                        TAKING MEDICATION ABROAD





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